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Formed by Elzė Sakalinskaitė and Milita Balčaitytė, INDIGO DESIGN offers contemporary, sophisticated and bold accessories, design objects and custom made textile designs. Founded in 2014, INDIGO DESIGN has expanded the scope of products with multiple design collections and broadened clientele which now includes private, business and public sector customers.

After winning multiple awards for the collections, INDIGO DESIGN continues creating innovative, multifunctional and exciting designs of the highest quality, like INDIGO DESIGN bags. 

INDIGO DESIGN are conceptual and multi-functional brand, inspired by clean minimal geometric shapes, different textures and shades. The bags are kept simple yet functional with no unnecessary details. Thoughtful design allows it to be easily transformed to other shapes, providing a different stylish accessory for every day. While having 1 backpack you have 6 different bags. 

The bags are made for the highest quality faux leather (vinyl). All of them are waterproof and UV resistant and come with a patent, making them completely original and unique.

INDIGO DESIGN accessories can be found worldwide: USA, Japan, South Korea, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Latvia and Lithuania.